Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light





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Why Is This Product For You?

✅ Brighten Up Your Closets, Cabinets, & Car Trunks!

✅ Scientifically Tested Environmentally Safe LEDs


✅ Scientifically Proven To Be Safe In The Vicinity of Children

✅ Instant Set Up


✅ No Wiring or Drilling Needed


✅ 80% Less Electricity Consumption (Save On Your Electricity Bill!)


✅ Never Worry About Lack of Lighting


✅ USB Rechargeable

Potentially Save 20%-30% of Your Electricity Bill

Our Motion Sensor LEDs have scientifically been built to ensure that you will be saving money in your pocket at the end of every month. It will pay for itself in 2-3 months of use!

Transform Your Closet & Dark Spaces

Say goodbye to dim kitchen counters and closets. You can be sure that your closet & every other dark corner of your home is illuminated.

Smart Motion Sensor

This amazing light will automatically turn on when movement is detected, and shut off after 20 seconds of no movement. You will be sure to save yourself on your upcoming electricity bill.

Easy To Install

The built in magnetic strip will stick to any metal surface, making it that much easier. Otherwise, there a reusable adhesive strip that is sure to stick to anything that you would like it to.

USB Rechargeable

Never worry about replacing batteries again. Our LED motion sensor fully charges in less that an hour so that you can use it again for the next upcoming months.


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