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Let Your Children Have An Unforgettable Summer This Year! 


✔ EXCELLENT COOLING: This is one of the best ways to cool yourself and your children while it is boiling outside! 


✔ GREAT WATER SPRAYING: Water flows from all sides of the mat, so it doesn’t matter where you’re standing, it will reach you!


 NON-SLIP MAT: Even when the splash pad is wet, it’s not too slippery, so don’t worry about your children falling down while playing!


 EASY INSTALLATION: Just spread the mat on the grass or concrete and plug the water hose in! It can’t be easier!



Every summer you just can’t wait to go on the seaside to cool yourself down during hot summer days, but what to do in a meanwhile? Your children want to go outside, but it gets too hot for a couple of minutesBeat the heat with this funny Kids Splash Pad!  



Let your children outside and watch them having fun while this splash pad spraying water all over them! This mat is a good alternative to traditional swimming pools! It is a great way to spend boiling hot days outdoors! 


The children’s safety is the most important thing, so this splash pad isn’t as much slippery as other similar products are! It is safe for two years old children and older! The best thing is that you don’t have to buy an expensive swimming pool to have where to cool down, this mat will be enough!


This pad is very easy to install! All you have to do is to put it on the grass or any other surface, inflate it and connect it with the faucet! It’s that simple! 



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