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Make your home workout EASIER and MORE EFFECTIVE than ever!

Getting in shape right from home has never been so easy and effective. The AbsMaster Pro™ – Elite Abs & Core Trainer is the perfect trainer to upgrade your home workouts and let you get the most out of them. So you can tone your abs, legs, arms, and glutes, and get the body you want – quicker than before, all from home.



The AbsMaster Pro™ – Elite Abs & Core Trainer provides a minimum-effort yet extra-effective ab workout, by:

Giving you more exercise options – a wider variety of possible exercises to do at home mean a better workout for your entire body – abs, core, upper body, legs, glutes, and more! – making it easier for your to get the results you want.

Ensuring proper form – so you do the exercises correctly, maximizing the results. There are no shortcuts to getting in the shape you want – do it right or don’t do it at all!

Versatile and flexible – attaches to many different floor types (more information below), or to smooth vertical surfaces such as doors and dressers, so you can use it anywhere!

Decreasing chance of injury – doing the exercises right does not only get you better results faster, but it also ensures you do not hurt yourself in the process (because who has time for a painful stiff back??)

Easy to use – when something is difficult to use, we quickly find ourselves going back to what we’re used to do. The AbsMaster Pro™ was specially designed to be so easy to use, so you can easily incorporate it into your routine, and continue to use it for the long term.

Premium quality – the extra-strong suction mechanism and durable materials mean that the AbsMaster Pro™ will always perform as you need, so your workout will never be effected.




The AbsMaster Pro™ can connect to any flat and smooth floor, or vertically to doors, walls, dressers, and more! – So even if you have carpets or rough floors, the AbsMaster Pro is still your perfect trainer!



  • Made of ultra-soft foam for long-lasting comfort
  • Powerful suction system works on any surface – on the floor or vertically
  • Lightweight and portable to workout anywhere
  • Set up and start using in seconds
  • Compact and can be easily stored anywhere
  • Adjustable height makes it suitable for any size or fitness level
  • Alternate workouts for targeting arms, legs, and glutes


  1. Make sure floor is smooth and clean, and suction cup is clean
  2. Place flat on the floor, or vertically against a smooth flat surface (door, glass sliding door, dresser, etc)
  3. Firmly press towards the surface, and press the lever all the way down
  4. NOTE: Will not create strong suction if placed on gaps between tiles, rough floors, or wooden floors with big ripples – in such cases please use vertically on a smooth surface 



  1. Does the AbsMaster Pro work on any type of floor?
    The AbsMaster Pro connects by its extra large suction cup. For suctions cups to work, they must be connected to smooth surfaces in order to create the necessary vacuum. If your floor has ripples (such as coarse wooden floors) or is very rough (such as some concrete floors), the suction may not be as strong. In cases in which the AbsMaster Pro does not connect to your floor, you can always use it on smooth vertical surfaces such as wooden or glass doors.
    Please watch the video above in which we demonstrate the suction power on different surfaces.
  2. How strong is the suction?
    When connected to smooth surfaces, the suction is extremely strong. Please watch the video above in which we demonstrate how we were able to lift with the AbsMaster Pro’s suction a wooden coffee table with 2 children sitting on it.
  3. Will my feet fit under it?
    The AbsMaster Pro’s height is adjustable, so it is suitable for anybody.
  4. What exercises can I use it for?
    The AbsMaster can be used for a very wide variety of exercises for the entire body. When paired with a resistance band, you can do even more exercises.
  5. I’m a heavy person. Will the connection hold when I use it?
    Yes it will. When connected to smooth surfaces the connection is very strong and will not move.
  6. Will it connect to carpet?
    No it won’t. It requires a smooth surface. If you have a carpeted floor we recommend connecting it vertically to a door, cabinet, fridge, or any other smooth vertical surface. Please make sure to connect it to a stable surface to avoid injury.

Package includes:

1 x AbsMaster Pro

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